Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my Pet need PROOF OF VACCINATIONS to go to Pet Suites?

Yes. Each guest must meet our vaccination and health standards before admittance. Any pets who are not current on vaccinations will be transported to a vet and given shots at the owner's expense. Individual circumstances (such as pets with Titers) may be considered with written documentation from a veterinarian.

• All pets must be in good health and must not have had or been exposed to any contagious or communicable illnesses within a 30-day period prior to check-in.

• Each pet receives a wellness evaluation prior to admittance. This helps ensure a flea-free, healthy environment. Pets showing signs of infestation will be given a mandatory flea & tick bath upon entry which will be added to your bill.

• Pets showing signs of vomiting, coughing, gagging, sneezing or diarrhea may not be admitted. Pet Suites advises boarding pets that have a terminal illness and are in the late stages of that illness with your family vet.

2. What kind of vaccinations do my pets need?

RABIES: Current in the last year for puppies and the past three years for adults.
DHPP: Current in the last year.*
BORDETELLA: Current in the last six months.

Puppies must be at least 9 weeks of age and have completed their first two series of vaccinations, including the Bordetella vaccine and a fecal exam to make sure they don't have worms. Puppies over 18 weeks of age must have their full series of vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine.

RABIES: Current in the last year for kittens and the past three years for adults.
FVRCP: Current in the last year.
FELINE LEUKEMIA: Current in the last year.



Yes: The health and safety of animals is our number one priority. Therefore, every guest must have an Overnight Pet Profile or Daycare form completed prior to his/her stay. This profile helps us understand your pet’s background, personality and special needs so we can identify any unusual activity and determine if a pet is not acting like himself/herself. We want to each visit as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Guests must possess a temperament that allows staff members to be able to care for them properly. We cannot accept pets that have a history of biting or attack.

4. What if my pet needs medication or injections?

Pet Suites' staff can administer oral and topical medications at $2.50 per dosage. All medications shall be provided by the owner and clearly labeled with written instructions, including: medication name, pet’s name, dosage, and administration schedule.

Pet Suites' staff can administer Injections at the cost of $5 per injection - ONLY for non-contagious conditions such as diabetes.

Guests requiring specialized care (handling, splint/bandage changes, hand feeding, walking assistance, pee pee pads, etc.) are handled on a case-by-case basis, and additional fees apply.

5. Must I Give a DEPOSIT before Boarding, or using other services at Pet Suites?

Yes - however, this policy applies to Boarding, Training and Pet Sitting only.

Due to popular demand and limited availability of our pet boarding suites, pet sitters, and trainer - as well as our higher average of personnel -to-pet ratio (and resulting payroll) - a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space and/or reserve your dates. If you must cancel for any reason, you can apply your deposit to future boarding, grooming, training, or other services - or use it in our retail boutique - for up to ONE YEAR.