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Pet Suites Boot Camp is the way to go when your pup is a wild child! We checked our Gypsy into camp for a week, and she returned with good manners, and most importantly, she didn't lose an ounce of her happy spirit and great personality. Everyone at Pet Suites was terrific during the process. We called daily, and our follow up questions were taken care of with genuine concern as well. They really cared about out pet "graduating" to good dog status, and we feel our girl was treated with love and kindness throughout her training. Thanks to everyone at Pet Suites... we REALLY couldn't have done it without you!

– Susan Francovig, Scott Ostrander, and Gypsy Doodle Dandy

It is hard to express in words how grateful I am to the staff at Pet Suites. I started bringing my three large rescue dogs for dog daycare to give them exercise, socialization, and love.

Many places and even vet offices were afraid of them. Some refused them or demanded they wear muzzles. Pet Suites accepted them with love and compassion, and the dogs have "blossomed." Everyone there is so good with animals and really love them with no fear. My dogs have such fun playing and socializing in a safe environment. It is great. They are so helpful with answers to all my questions.

I think Pet Suites is a "God Send," and I am truly pleased and grateful. It has helped my dogs to learn to get along with other dogs and relaxed them so much. Thanks to everyone at Pet Suites!

– Julie and Philip Bartel

I found Tumbleweed (front left) on the side of the road. she had a crushed skull and other injuries.

Today, after a few months of (Canine Aquatics) at Pet Suites, she is running free and fluid.

They also helped to socialize her. "Weedie" is now happy and unafraid.

Thank you, Pet Suites!

– Val Goldenbrook, Abiquiu

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Black & White Dog

Pet Suites trainers  brought out the best in our new puppy!  Their training style is calm and decisive, and they use basic commands to get all the main points across which was just what I was looking for. There were no gimmicks or props to purchase; the emphasis was on patience, practice, and kindness.

Our Bernese pup will be a big girl when she’s full grown (around 100 lbs.), so we worked on teaching her not to jump when greeting visitors.  We mastered sit, down and stay commands as well as how to walk next to me on her leash instead of her pulling ahead and walking me. Now walking with Nellie is a pleasure for both of us instead of feeling like a wrangling job!

Pet Suites accomplished all of this in six weeks of one-on-one training sessions. Our puppy Nellie felt secure and confident during the process.  Although at six months she is still full of puppy enthusiasm, Nellie now responds to her commands, and we are really proud of her.

Not only do they know how to train dogs, but it is clear that they love and respect their canine students!

– Mary S. and Nellie
   Santa Fe, NM

We planned a trip from our home in Houston, with a stopover in Santa Fe to go skiing.  Our four dogs needed a place to stay and after a lot of internet research and calling every kennel in Sante Fe; we selected Pet Suites.

It wasn't just the price, (which was very reasonable), it was the personal attention and interaction I had on the phone with the staff.  They were really interested in our dogs and their well being. 

The location was clean, and the staff was great with our dogs. Our schedule was such that we were not positive about our departure day. Knowing a huge storm was coming in and there was a possibility that we would be picking our dogs up a day early -  they had the dogs bathed and ready for us that afternoon after we came off the slopes. Randy even went so far as to check weather and road conditions for our drive to California. The dogs smelled great, looked great and were really quite happy. 

Next time we come anywhere near Santa Fe with our dogs, they will be staying at Santa Fe Pet Suites. I recommend the location, the staff and the peace of mind.


– Paul V, - Houston, Texas

Dog Watching Bigger Dog Playing with Toy
Playdough & Tobey

To the entire Pet Suites staff...

Words cannot describe how much we appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness during our family crisis. It was a relief to know that our dog, Echo, was in your care. Thank you for giving us that peace of mind when we needed it most.

– Tory and Cindy Childers & Echo

No one else I have ever worked with is as responsive, caring and willing to go the “extra mile.” I would recommend them without hesitation to anybody. My dogs are the best proof of how excellent the quality of services is. They are always happy and have never let them or me down in any way.

– Patrice Velasquez

Two Dogs

Previously we took our dog Zeebo to a pet hotel in Albuquerque for an overnight stay. When we picked him up the next day, he was very stressed and came home and crashed and was pretty lethargic for the next couple of days (Unusual for our "Mr. Attention-deficit-disorder-dog".) His bowels were very loose, and his appetite was low.

Last week, Zeebo had a daycare day with PET SUITES, and when we came to pick him up, we found him SO happy and raring to keep playing with his "classmates." He slept all the way home, and when we got there, he snarfed his dinner down and wanted to do his usual "tearing around the grounds." It was like he never left home!

Zeebo is insisting on having another "play-day" VERY soon at Pet Suites (but seeing as how I'M the boss, of course, I'll have to make another appointment... very soon. Thanks so much for treating our Zeebo with as much care as if he were your own pet and for providing such a great facility. We'll be calling soon... and thanks again!

– Cezar & Lois Libiran & Zeebo

"The facility was beautiful and immaculate - absolutely the cleanest I've seen."

– Bernadette Marie

"I travel a lot, and my dog has separation anxiety. I brought her to Pet Suites for 5 days... She had such a great time she didn't want to leave! I felt so relieved; I booked 2 more weeks immediately!"

– Michele Garcia


"We were thrilled at how calm and relaxed our (normally hyper) dog was. We'll definitely be back again!"

– The Blairs

My husband and I travel almost weekly for business and Pet Suites staff are always ready to respond to our needs...

(They are) an integral part of our lives. We could not do business the way that we do without their assistance. They provide wonderful care in spite of the fact that we have two feral "scaredy cats."

We are extremely satisfied. We depend on them, and they never let us down. We have had other pet sitters over the years, but none as reliable and kind.

– P.N.

Happy Cat

Black Cat

Relaxing Dogs

Thanks again for taking such good care of the pups.

(Since her socialization at Pet Suites) Dagne seems much calmer and less fearful of people in general.

You've got a great team of folks working with you.         

We look forward to seeing you again on our next trip. 

All the best,
– Rosina

I started using Pet Suites for my grooming needs, and they do an excellent job with my 2 German Shepherds - as they also did with my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

– Leslie Brodsky

Running a Dog

I read about Pet Suites on-line when I was trying to find a good place to train my 16-month-old Golden Retriever Sam. It was worth it to me to drive 350 miles one-way for good training.

Pet Suites Board and Train program has made a huge difference in Sam's behavior. He seemed to be out of control when I dropped him off, and now I see amazing positive changes in his behavior. What a difference! Sam has become calmer, and now follows commands! I don't think that we talked about the begging problem at all, but now he doesn't do that anymore. He is respectful and lays down at my side as told. He does not pull on walks and with the new harness is learning well. I can't say enough about Pet Suites: the staff cared for Sam with love and attention and they have taught me to be a good pack leader. I recommend them highly!

Sincere and with HUGE thanks,

– Teri and Sam Teri Paul, Bluff, UT

Riley, my 9-year old Flat-coated Retriever was having some mobility issues this winter due to arthritis or an injury. I decided to give Pet Suites Canine Aquatic Exercise a try for her and Riley is so glad I did! She has always been athletic and used to do a lot of swimming before we moved to Santa Fe. In the last couple of months, not only has her limping improved, but her attitude is young and happy again and she has lost 5 pounds! Now when I pull up outside the Pet Suites building, Riley hops out of the car, into the building, and straight back to the pool like she owns the place. Now I take all 3 of my dogs for exercise swim, and they love it!

Many thanks to all of you at Pet Suites for offering this mode of therapy and exercise. And for always taking good care of my dogs.

– Nancy Brown, Cody, Riley & Cooper

"Our dog Casey was diagnosed with lateral sclerosis after hip surgery. We believe he had damage to his spine. His legs would splay all the time, and he couldn't stand on his hind legs or get up without help. Thanks to Pet Suites' Canine Aquatics he is now walking upright and is stronger and able to do more than before. His attitude has gotten better

He seems happier and moves around a lot more on his own - even wants to play with his ball. He used to just want to lie around and now he wants to chase his ball and play."

– The Zimmermans

"At 18 months of age, our Bernese Mountain Dog, Bella had to have TWO rear knee replacements, and they never were right: Even with more corrective surgery she still had a limp! After her first 3 sessions at Pet Suites' Canine Aquatic Pool, Bella was not only able to walk without a limp, but she could run and jumped into my truck! And she's happy! That's what I like - she doesn't limp, and I can tell she's not in pain anymore cause she's happy! I'm a believer."

– Sue Baust

"Our 14-year-old mixed breed was attacked by coyotes, which left his back legs completely torn apart. He was saved by surgery but the extended recovery period left his legs completely atrophied, so he could barely walk. We decided to send him 2x a week for Canine Aquatics at Pet Suites. After his first session, he felt noticeably better. After 3 sessions he was extremely happy, active, and acted like a puppy! With continuing visits, he was not only walking but running in circles! He loved going and (got to) swimming laps. I would just say the word 'Swim?' and he'd jump in the car! We were so grateful to have found such a wonderful place."

– The Cowells

"Our dog Sarah was a typical golden retriever who loves the water and went boating with us every chance she got. However, she experienced 2 very traumatic events in a very short period of time. The first was the death of my husband - Sarah's constant companion, which caused her to grieve and become depressed. The second was a horrifying ordeal where she jumped into a man-made lake and was unable to climb out because the sides of the lake were curved inward. She panicked and swam to near-exhaustion while we got help. She was rescued but injured her neck and back, and after that incident, she was afraid to go anywhere near the water until we took her to Pet Suites" Canine Pool.

The woman who assisted her was extremely intuitive and patient and spent over an hour in the pool, connecting with our dog, relaxing and reassuring her as they moved slowly through the water. I call it a "rebirth" for lack of a better term. Sarah learned to trust again, and let go of her grief, anxiety, and pain. It was such a moving experience that the therapist and our entire family - myself, my daughter, and our teenage grandkids - were all crying with happiness because Sarah had found her bliss in the water once more. In the sessions that followed, Sarah became active and confident, to the point of playing fetch and swimming against the jets to retrieve a toy. Today, she is back to her joyful self again."

– Martha Montgomery

"I would not have been able to keep my new dog Jack if he had not been Socialized and loved at Pet Suites' Day Care & Boarding."

– Ellie

"I'm pretty sure that Rufus prefers being here rather than being at home with us! Thanks for taking such good care of him!"

– Jason & Jaimee (Rufus' mom & dad)

"Best place ever! Ginger comes once a week to Doggie Daycare & she Loves it!"

– Patricia

"Zele and Tigo thank you for taking such good care of them! 18 nights is a long time, and we really missed them! Thank you!"

"Thank you and your staff for loving Kaiya!"

– Donna V.

"I'll never go anywhere else!"

– PJ Hunter

"I've been dealing with Pet Suites for 8 years. They're FABULOUS! My dogs love it, and now they have the Best Groomer in town!"

– Leslie Brodsky

"Tino & Matisse just LOVE Pet Suites' Groomer. Best in town."

"I have two standard poodles, and I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

– K.T.

"Other places I went to didn't even know what a Kerry Blue was! So naturally, I was pleased when I took my dog to Pet Suites and more than happy with the results."

– Brie Schultz

"It was a sweet moment for our pet when we discovered Pet Suites!

Nashville, a Labrador-Pitbull, had been rescued from his abusers by ‘Bridging the World’, who nurtured him to the point where he could be persuaded to join a new family. However, he was still deeply suspicious of human males and all unknown dogs, and the FedEx man, in turn, was very wary of him! When it was necessary to find a board for Nashville while we had to be away from home for a week, we greatly feared that he would revert to his old state of constant dread and distrust, especially if there were any men in the place.

So it was with astonishment and relief that we observed Nashville’s immediate acceptance of the manager at Pet Suites. Later he met the rest of the staff, with the same result. After gradual socializing with his fellow canine guests, Nashville gradually lost his fear of other dogs –– and gained an obvious affection for Randy and Pet Suites staff. He is now a regular guest at Pet Suites, and he loves going there, having long since become a boisterous socialite. He enters the building with his tail wagging and leaves in equally fine spirits. We will be forever grateful to Pet Suites for their remarkable patience and kindness to their animal guests, for their excellent facilities, and for their highly professional staff.

– David and Molly Vaux

"Than you for taking care of our precious Lily while we were visiting from Dallas. We appreciate her being able to play and the other available amenities."

– Mr. & Mrs. Groeniki

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! The only ones I trust!"

– Katie & Polly Hastie

"GREAT place! Bogey Loves It!"

– Pam W.

"Rocky LOVES coming here! This is HIS vacation! Thank you for taking such good care of him!"

– Kim Garcia

"Lady Caroline Patterson LOVES Pet Suites - now in my 8thyear. She is  handled with love and tenderness despite being completely deaf."

– Peggy Patterson

Santiago - A Canine Search and Rescue Dog

Santiago’s story began when he first came up lame at about 18 months old. I took him to the veterinary clinic. Everything was done including x-rays, and nothing was found. I went to another clinic, and the exams and x-rays were redone and still nothing conclusive. Santi healed after a month, and he seemed fine.

A year later he came up lame again and back to the vets we went. This time I got several diagnoses such as a group of muscle tears and torn ligaments. So, I went to a rehabilitation vet for further instructions as to exercises twice a day for weeks. We also did underwater treadmill treatments once a week. Santi did not improve beyond bearing weight on that leg but could not hike more than one hour without lift his leg in pain. I kept pointing out that back foot looking odd with that toe splayed out. I wanted the foot x-rayed, but I was told no it looked just fine.

At this point, I was really upset and called Pet Suites to tell them what went down. They talked to me at length, referred us to their vet and encouraged me not to give up and not to compromise. Their vet immediately noted the foot I was referring to and said the rest of Santi was sound. He did x-ray that foot and showed me the results. It had been broken and healed very poorly - The joint bones were fused and in a curve! The vet said was too late to be re-broken and set in a cast, and it might have to be amputated.

The next morning Santi went into surgery. Once the stitches were out, Santi went to Pet Suites Canine Aquatic Excercise Pool on a weekly basis. When I was off work, I took Santi for additional sessions. Six weeks later he's back practicing air scent and cadaver with his Search and Rescue team. We are up to six miles in hiking and adding more miles each week. Santi continues with maintenance swims at Pet Suites. The staff at Pet Suites are highly trained, and under their care, Santi has healed quickly and regained his strength; most importantly he is once again a happy dog.

I am so appreciative of Pet Suites. They were there for both Santiago and me. They gave me the courage to continue to find resolution and gave Santi a quick recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

– Carol Kirby

Thank you for your kind care of Annie. Her difficulty in walking came on fairly suddenly in the fall of 2012 along with stiffness in her neck and spine. It was wonderful to see how she improved - able to hold her head up and walk better - as soon as she started Canine Aquatics with you. I was so grateful for all your kindness to her including your supplying the wagon to help get her from the car to the building when it became clear that walking on the asphalt was hard for her. And the Canine Aquatics really made a difference - keeping her muscles from atrophying when walking became a real chore for her. It was a lucky day when the receptionist at our vets' told us about you!

With all good wishes and thanks,

– Marian (& Michael) Spielberger-McQueen, Espanola

Jita, a 6-year-old Rottweiler

Unfortunately, our dog has bone problems and most recently, a bad right rear knee and hip issues. For the last 6 months, we have been using your warm water treatments and... have had good success in strengthening her rear leg and hip areas. She is now stronger, more confident and active. Your care with and for her is greatly appreciated, and we will continue weekly treatments.

– John M. Nye, Tesuque

Freddie's pelvis bone was broken before he was adopted and never healed correctly. He had surgery to repair it, but afterward was immobile and in pain for weeks. His leg muscles atrophied, and he couldn’t feel or walk. His right rear leg looked like a shriveled chicken wing and dangled 4” above the ground!

Freddie’s VET recommended Pet Suites Canine Hydrotherapy Program as an alternative to amputating the leg!

After 3 visits a week for 3 months in the pool, Freddie’s leg was fully restored. At his follow-up visit, the vet said it had improved 1000%!

– Roy O.

Everyone at Pet Suites helped my dog Leonard make the best out of a bad situation: a terminal illness. They infused joy and comfort into Leonard's last and most challenging year. Leonard and I thank you for everything you do with ALL of our hearts. The Heart never forgets.

– Anne & Leonard Sebastian


"I just wanted to give you guys an update. After doing allthe things you taught us to do, I'm happy to report that for the last four months, Cassius and Fess are able to be in the house next to each other without any issues. I can't even remember the last time they had a fight. I can also walk them together... One person, two dogs, without any issues. We thought the day would never come, but it came- and so many days have passed- that it's hard to remember that they ever had issues. Again we wanted to thank y'all for everything. Best money we have ever spent and we recommend you guys all over town."

-Craig Carlton & Aine Malone